Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals Scrap & Ores

We deal in various grades of ferrous and non-ferrous products which conform to internationally recognized specifications for sale to domestic and export markets.

Any grade, anywhere in the world

We Deal in Heavy Melting Steel, Steel Scrap, Bundles, Shredded Scrap, Shovelling Turnings, Iron Borings, Billet, Bar, Cast Steel, Punchings and Plate Scrap, Foundry Steel, Cast Iron, Car Wheel, Car Bodies.

All Type of ALUMINIUM Scrap like Tense, Taint Tabor, Tread, Throb, Twitch, Zorba, Talk, Talc, Trump etc.

All type of Remelted Lead Ingots, Lead Scrap Radio, Racks, Rails, Relay, Ropes, Rains (Battery Scrap).

All type of Copper Wire, Berry, Birch, Candy, Cliff, Zinc, Brass, Magnesium, Nickel, Tin etc.

We also deal in Lead Ore, Pure Lead – 99.97%, 99.98%, Aluminium - 97%, 98%, ADC12, LM6 & UBC Ingots Tin Ingots – 99.98%, Tin Ore, etc.

Lead Ingots
Aluminium Ingots
Antimony Ingots
Brass Honey Scrap
Various Grades Of Copper Scrap
Aluminium Tense Scrap
Aluminium Extrusion Scrap
Aluminium GR 6061
Aluminium Wheel Scrap
Aluminium Litho Sheets Scrap
Aluminium Taint Tabor Scrap
Aluminium UBC Scrap
Zinc Diecast
Zinc Ingots
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